Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q]

Can you tell me where and when this instrument was built?

  • You can use our Serial reader at the bottom of this page to get where and when your instrument was built using the serial found on the backplate or back of the headstock of your instrument.


My instrument does not have a serial number, can you tell me more about my instrument? Is it legitimate?

  • If your instrument does not have a serial number chances of it being an illegitimate reproduction are considerable. However, please keep in mind that Universe series models do not have serial numbers. If the instrument is not a part of the Universe series and still has no serial number, even if you contact us directly with this question we can not give a statement confirming the instrument's legitimacy without looking at it in person due to the implications this could have.


What is the difference between the different series listed on your page? Do they have different features?

  • The main purpose of our series is to give you a rough idea of the price range of the instrument, they do not represent the inclusion or lack of any particular feature. The series order goes as follows from most accessible to highest-end.

Most accesible >> Universe series - Global series - Craft series - Custom series - Handmade series << Highest-end


Can I get this model order made?

  • We have two different order made options to offer, in both cases you should contact a dealer in your country with your request, you can search for the dealer closest to you here. Currently we are not offering direct purchases, so for those that have no dealers in their region, please be patient while we try to integrate more dealers worldwide.
  1. ​Semi order: This is the most common order type, you can order any regular model of the Handmade series. You can also request a small handful of changes from the original design. Starting April 2022 this doesn't include changes to the body like adding a custom body top material, the pickup shape, or any other change that alter the body and neck structure, those requiere a Full order.
  2. Full order: This is the more expensive and expansive option. You can order both regular and limited models of the Handmade series. Additionally you can ask for any number of specifications or modifications to the original model.


Do you ship to where I live?

  • Currently we are not shipping directly to customers, so please check if there are local dealers near you.


Can I buy a replacement pickguard from you? Would a pickguard from a different brand fit?

  • Due to material shortages and other inconvenients outside of our direct control, we are currently unable to offer pickguard replacements. Different brands of pickguards are unlikely to fit so you can try this at your own risk. If you have a Universe or Global series pickguard that needs changing, your best choice is using it as a mold to make a new one with a local repairman.



What kind of maintenance should I give my Oil-finished instrument?

  • When treating the body of your instrument, our builder recommends to apply clear, natural WATCO TIMBEREX oil made from natural resin. This is the product we use at our Workshop. Other brands might work just as good but we don't have experience testing them.
  • When treating  non-finished  fingerboards, rubbing Lemon oil every 3 or 4 months is recommended to prevent the humidity levels from going haywire. In the case of having a finished fingerboard, just using a cleaning cloth without any additive should do the trick, for glossy finished wood you can use polisher instead.



Serial reader

Serial location


Serial number:



The information obtained through this page DOES NOT hold any official or legal validity and can not be used as proof of authenticity of any product. Furthermore, while manufacture dates are accurate for the most part, they might vary sligthly from reality in some cases.